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Earth Explorer Feature

The New Frontier: Exploring for Oil with Gravity and Magnetics

Integrative approaches, combining gravity and magnetics with seismic, geology and other earth data, are helping Oil and Gas explorers to push the envelope and focus their exploration, as they venture into new frontier and deep water environments. In this special report, we feature some of the experience and innovation that’s driving new discovery success in Oil exploration.

Feature Report

The New Frontier: Exploring for Oil with Gravity and Magnetics

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Resurgence of Gravity and Magnetics

Advancements in earth mapping technologies, coupled with the industry’s emerging need to characterize sub-surface systems, have led to a resurgence of interest in using gravity and magnetic methods in Oil and Gas exploration and development.  Read Story

Pushing the Envelope: Integrated approaches in Oil Exploration

The gravity and magnetic consulting community is full of talented people that are pushing the envelope. They’re generating knowledge that others can run with and build on. Read Story

Petrobras Deepwater Discovery Success

With its roots in exploration 55 years ago, Petrobras has matured into a world renowned integrated oil company without losing its explorer focus, leading the world in deepwater expertise.  Read Story

The Marathon Record

Innovative integration of gravity and magnetic methods help Marathon Oil Corporation maintain world leadership in oil and gas exploration. Read Story