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Earth Explorer makeover begins today

by Carmela Burns on MARCH 9, 2012 news

Earth Explorer magazine is undergoing a content and design makeover, responding to feedback from readers and following our own intuition on what the magazine does best, and ways we can improve. 

Some quick facts about Earth Explorer today.

  • The vast majority of magazine subscribers are professionals working in resource exploration industries, and geoscientists working in government, education, environmental and other earth science sectors;
  • Hundreds of different roles and over 100 countries are represented among Earth Explorer subscribers;  
  • Next to the magazine, the Gallery is the most popular content on the site;
  • Most of the comments we get in our mailbox, besides variations of ‘love the magazine’ or ‘nice visuals’ (which we really appreciate) are related to finding data, software, advice on methods, or consulting expertise for exploration projects.

A few of the new features we hope you’ll like:

  • Market outlook and short analysis covering the minerals, metals and energy markets;
  • Discovery watch reports featuring resource projects and methods contributing to progress;
  • Community page open to reader submissions. Instead of emailing us your news and event announcements, submit links to articles, blog posts or news releases online;
  • Library listing helpful tools, learning resources and online public data sources.
  • Networking Group on LinkedIn for sourcing and sharing information and expertise to help with subsurface exploration and resource discovery.

We’re also researching new applied articles and technology reviews that will continue to share the expertise of industry and Geosoft technical experts. 

You’ll begin seeing changes on starting today. Contact us with your feedback on what you like or would like to see on Earth Explorer.