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New Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling technology for imaging base of salt previewed by Geosoft

on July 14, 2014 technology

Geosoft previewed new Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling (VALEM) technology at the EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam. Delivered within Geosoft’s GM-SYS 3D gravity and magnetic modelling environment, VALEM is a cloud-based gravity inversion service that improves imaging of base of salt and sub-salt regions.

“Geosoft has consulted with customers in the energy sector to develop a technical solution that optimizes the use of gravity and gravity gradient data for more effective modelling and characterization of sub-salt environments," said S. Bruce Kohrn, Energy Segment Leader with Geosoft.  "With VALEM, you can perform inversions on the density distribution of a salt layer using gravitational field observations to generate more accurate representation of salt from gravity. The end result is better interpretation models that reduce ambiguity and risk when exploring sub-salt.” 

VALEM will be available, via an Early Adopter Program, in August for customers interested in using the technology prior to its market release in November 2014. 

“Geosoft is committed to continual innovation and improvement of our gravity and magnetic solutions for oil and gas exploration," said Kohrn.

"Having access to 3D gravity inversion within the industry-standard GM-SYS environment makes these proven techniques more time and cost effective for the community of geoscientists already exploring with Geosoft.” 

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