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Textbook examines lifecycle of a mineral deposit

on September 21, 2017 library

A new textbook published by Springer provides students with practical information about exploring for, evaluating and mining mineral resources.

Mineral Resources From Exploration to Sustainability Assessment, by the University of Madrid’s Manuel Bustillo Revuelta, walks students through the lifecycle of a mineral deposit from exploration to extraction and processing, including the guidelines used for environmental impact assessments (EIAs) worldwide.

The book opens with general concepts such as the distribution of mineral resources worldwide and international standards for mining. Then it explains the main types of mineral deposits and the methods used to find them, including recent advances in geophysics, geochemistry, drilling, and borehole logging. For example, the section on geophysical exploration methods includes a sub-section on data inversion with 3D model images created using Geosoft VOXI Earth Modelling.

Chapter Four describes resource evaluation, from sampling techniques to economic analysis. Subsequent chapters outline the main mining and mineral processing methods as well as the environmental and social impacts of mining and how to manage them. A unique feature of the book is a chapter devoted to the software programs used in exploration and mine design.

For more information, and to purchase the textbook in ebook or hardcover, visit the Springer bookshop.

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