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Earth Explorer is an online source of news, expertise and applied knowledge for resource explorers and earth scientists. Sponsored by Geosoft.

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Welcome to Earth Explorer

Earth Explorer is a source of news, expertise and applied knowledge for resource explorers and earth scientists. We cover the techniques, technologies and people contributing to subsurface exploration and new discoveries.

Earth Explorer subscribers are executives, managers, geoscientists, analysts, researchers and students active within the mining, energy, environmental, government and academic geoscience sectors.

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Launched in September 2006, Earth Explorer is sponsored by Geosoft.

Contributors to Earth Explorer magazine

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Carmela Burns is Editor of Earth Explorer Magazine, covering Resource Exploration and the Earth Sciences with Geosoft. A writer, editor, web publisher and technology enthusiast, she's covered geoscience, geospatial and GIS technology topics across a broad spectrum of industry segments including energy, mining, education and government.

Colin Reeves is a Contributing Editor for Earth Explorer Magazine. Colin is an earth scientist with 40 years' experience in the instigation, execution and interpretation of regional geophysical surveys in support of frontier geological mapping in Africa, India, Australia and the Americas, spread across the government, commercial and educational sectors. He plans to bring the 'big picture' of global geoscience to his contributions to Earth Explorer.

Graham Chandler is a Calgary freelance writer with over three hundred published articles. He tracks exploration trends and contributes regularly to industry oil and gas magazines, as well as periodicals such as Saudi Aramco World and Air & Space/Smithsonian. A self-described natural world techie, and world traveller, he holds degrees in math & physics, business, and scientific archaeology which he also writes about.

Virginia Heffernan is a freelance writer and former earth explorer. While her current exploration makes more use of a web browser than a pick and compass, she still travels occasionally on assignment to projects in the Americas, Africa and Asia. In Earth Explorer magazine, she examines trends and developments that affect mineral exploration, from new technology to hot exploration plays and from regulatory variability to metal price volatility.

Dan Zlotnikov is a freelance journalist who has been covering the mining industry (primarily Canada's) for about six years. He is a feature writer at CIM Magazine. CIM is the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. The Magazine is an internal publication for CIM members, with a readership of over 20,000 and eight annual issues.


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