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Aeromagnetic Surveys eBook Review

November 12, 2009

Ted Lilley has written an interesting review of the Aeromagnetic Surveys: Principles, Practice and Interpretation e-book authored  by Colin Reeves, and published by Geosoft. It appears in the October issue of the ASEG’s Preview magazine.

In his review, Lilley considers that the e-book format may well be an introduction to the literature of the future, and he notes that “a benefit of such e-publication is that revisions and updates can, in principle, be made easily, should the author wish to do so in the future”.

The topic of aeromagnetics is important, according to Lilley, given that it is one of the big success stories of geophysics in the second half of the twentieth century. And the e-book text reflects the wide experience of the author Reeves, whose career has specialized in aeromagnetics, in many parts of the world.

Lilley concludes: “The book represents a generous and valuable sharing by the author of his accumulated experience. It is a distinctive resource for the geophysical profession and the wider public generally, including students of all levels.”

The Aeromagnetic Surveys: Principles, Practice and Interpretation e-book is available for free download from here. More information about Colin Reeves is available on his website:

You can read Lilley’s review online in Preview magazine (pg 42)